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From 1 body of water to 1000+, our smart technology platform helps you monitor and manage your water resulting in increased customer satisfaction, cost savings and compliance. Trusted by industry experts in hospitality, multi-family, municipalities, vacation ownership, new construction, and fitness centers.

VivoAquatics is Certified for CDC Safety Standards for the Model Aquatic Health Code. Learn more.

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From one property to a portfolio

Automation and insights for facility operators and owners

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Safety Score

A quick way to know if your water is in compliance within MAHC (Model Aquatic Health Code) standards and proactively alerts you when you are not in compliance.

VivoAquatics’ hardware and cloud-based software give you peace of mind and operational control from one body of water to a portfolio of many properties. Monitor and manage your pools, spas and water features from any device, anywhere. Keep guests safe and your staff efficient.

  • More safety, less risk
    Always know the state of your pools and spas through up-to-the-minute safety standards monitoring. Know about problems immediately with configurable email and text alerts.
  • Improve Guest Satisfaction
    Increase pool uptime. Reduce the number of bad reviews and guest refunds by avoiding the problems that cause pools to close.
  • Save money
    Help your pool staff focus on the most important maintenance and problem prevention. Stop costly future repairs caused by undetected chemical imbalances.
  • Increase sustainability
    Reduce your water and electricity use through advanced monitoring and chemical automation. Use data to help you meet your sustainability goals.

How it works

VivoAquatics gives you central, real-time, web-based pool and spa monitoring so you can deliver the safest, cleanest, and most appealing water possible. Keep your guests safe, your water features operating, and reduce the risk of lost revenue.

Step 1

Water is Connected
to VivoAquatics

Water is connected to chemical automation and real time monitoring via our smart technology platform

Step 2

Next Generation
Chemical Automation

Automation delivers chemicals to your bodies of water. Sensors monitor to ensure key measures for safety are met.

Step 3

Connect to
the Cloud

Connect to the Cloud to provide real time access and store data for analysis, and documentation.

Step 4

24-7 Real Time
Monitoring & Alerts

Access info any time, alerts are set when out of range.

  • Chemical Automation Dramatically simplifies management with next generation water chemistry through controller-based automation.
  • Real-Time Monitoring 24/7 Know within minutes if your pool drifts out of safety guidelines. Fix problems right away.
  • Online Store Save on chemical & equipment purchases with a supply store tailored for your facility.
  • Support and Solutions Highly-experienced remote support when you need it to troubleshoot and fix problems.

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We deliver exceptional results for the world’s leading hospitality, real estate and fitness brands. VivoAquatics protects properties enjoyed by millions of people each year.

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Savings in
Chemical Costs


Savings in
Water Usage

Increased savings across the board

See how much you'll save!


Savings in
Energy Usage


Savings in
Labor Costs


Equipment Life

Through our partnership with VivoAquatics we have developed trust and accountability, which ultimately has led to higher guest satisfaction.

Alan Otlo
Director of Engineering
St. Regis Deer Valley, Sheraton Kona

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