Ensure Tenant
Satisfaction And Manage Financial Impact

Join hundreds of Multifamily properties, portfolios, management groups, and owners utilizing the VivoPoint software to ensure the safest water for your tenants and manage operational performance

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Enjoy The Peace Of Mind That Comes With
Knowing Your Tenants Are Happy

better pool management
Increased Occupancy Rates

Enjoy higher revenue with more booked out units

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Increase Lead To Lease

Get positive feedback about your facilities, leading to higher conversion rates

aquatech pool management
Decrease Tenant Turnover

Top-notch amenities keep great tenants in your properties

better pool management
Improve Employee Performance

Teams are excited to use the platform as it allows them to operate in an efficient and proactive manner

pool automation systems
Higher Tenant Satisfaction

Ensuring safe and compliant amenities will ensure top-notch customer satisfaction

aquatech pool management
Improve Online Ratings

No longer will you get negative reviews for your pools and spas impacting your bottom line

better pool management
Decrease Injury Incident Rate

Ensuring compliance and safety daily will result in better risk management and decreased incidents

Increase Revenue Growth, Decrease Negative Financial Impact

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Our Client Success

Learn how we’re helping multifamily properties, owners, and management groups
increase safety and compliance while achieving savings across the board

aquatech pool management
VivoPoint has given me the freedom to manage all of my water facilities from my phone, wherever I am. As someone that is constantly driving from apartment building to building, having remote access to the reports and daily logs is priceless. I also really appreciate the instant notifications. I’m able to see exactly what needs to be inspected or repaired the moment it becomes an issue.

General Manager

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pool automation systems

Increase Your Bottom Line

Savings can be achieved by implementing best practices and standards for your pools and spas.
This helps you save money as well as increase your sustainability footprint which can be used for positive property and brand reinforcement

aquatech pool management
Automate Preventative Maintenance

Reduce the risk of future mechanical issues by properly caring for your pool equipment

better pool management
Reduce Repair And Maintenance Costs

Catch issues before they become expensive problems that increase your overhead

pool automation systems
Increase Your Sustainability Footprint

Decreased water and chemical usage helps you improve your sustainability- helping the environment and your brand reputation

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Just How Much Do Our Clients Save?


Savings In Labor Costs


Savings In Water Usage


Extended Equipment Life


Savings In Chemical Costs

Powerful Solutions For Property Owners And Management
Companies Serious About Operational Efficiency And Growth

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 Mitigate your risks (ADA, VGB, Health Dept.) and reduce your costs with a property risk assessment, Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Training, 7-Day Operator Support & Training, and Procurement Support.

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Reduce risks and improve productivity through real-time monitoring (water safety, water usage,  and more) with our IoT hardware platform (e.g., chemical controllers, and sensors).

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Source and buy the equipment & supplies you need to save money and keep your property operational. Our experts will save you time and money, whether for one property or a whole portfolio.

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Experience Fewer Vacancies By Ensuring Tenant Satisfaction

Schedule a meeting to learn how VivoPoint maintains safe water and tenant-friendly user operational performance to keep your residents safe and obtain longer tenancy

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Better Serve Your Tenants With Safe Water While Lowering Costs

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