"Be the reason that someone smiles today." - Nate Hernandez

Vivo Gives Back

Vivo Gives Back is a testament to the enduring legacy of our late colleague and dear friend Nate Hernandez, who embodied the ethos of giving more than we receive. Despite battling cancer and heart disease, Nate dedicated himself to supporting those in need, becoming the driving force behind our commitment to making a difference.

Today, his words and principles continue to inspire us as we strive to live up to his example. Nate's unwavering willingness to help others resonates in every interaction we have, shaping the very core of our relationships and purpose. We honor his memory by carrying on his spirit and living each day with the same compassion and dedication that he exemplified.

Together, we #LiveLikeNate, making a positive impact on the world, one act of kindness at a time.


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Causes We Support

Committed to Change

We are working closely with our community partner, AbilityFirst, to help them continue to offer high-quality, meaningful programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These include an enriching after school program, engaging social and recreation activities, valuable employment services, accessible housing options, and the incredible Camp Paivika.

Join us at AbilityFirst's 2023 Stroll & Roll event on Saturday, November 11, 2023!

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