Helping To Mitigate Risk At Your Commercial Pools & Spas

When operating a commercial pool or spa, safety remains the leading consideration. Don’t let things go overlooked at your facility. VivoPoint minimizes the risk of compliance and safety issues

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Do You Know The KRIs At Your Aquatic Facility?

Key risk indicators (KRIs) are metrics used to predict possible risks that could negatively impact your aquatic facility. VivoAquatics solutions aid with the management of risk mitigation, safety, and compliance so you can better construct and deploy effective KRIs

Discover Your KRIs

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Water Quality Readings & Notifications

Effectively mitigate risk associated with recreational water illnesses by providing consistent water quality readings and notifications

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Preventative Maintenance

Teams are excited to use the platform as it allows them to operate in an efficient and proactive manner

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AI-Driven Water Safety Score Risk Analytics

Continuous surveillance with AI-driven analytics powered by one of the most advanced aquatics operation platforms has the potential to increase your water safety score

Eliminate Financial Risks

Without sufficient risk management, you may face the following financial risks to the property and business

VivoPoint cloud-based solutions could potentially help you say goodbye to:


Medical expenses


Pain and suffering damages


Lost income


Punitive damages


Property damage


Wrongful death damages

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Because Accidents Happen

Even with the best of risk management, swimming pool accidents can occur anywhere in the aquatic facility. With VivoAquatics solutions, you can allocate more resources through proper preventative maintenance practices, task management, and IOT monitoring to ensure the following dangers occur less frequently:


Water Leaks


Slippery floors


Broken floatation and safety devices


Lack of lifeguards and supervision


Lack of proper lighting


Murky or unclean water


Broken drains and pumps


Faulty equipment, like broken ladders and steps

Discover Your Key Risk Indicators. Prevent Costly Mistakes.

Deploy impressive KRIs. Let VivoAquatics provide the solutions you need to better manage risk mitigation, ensure compliance, and remain safe with consistent water quality.

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