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Enjoy Higher Revenue With VivoPoint

Our clients enjoy higher revenue, growth, and profitability

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Improved Retention Rate And Member Satisfaction

Your members want a clean and safe aquatics facility. Using our platform will allow for this

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Increase Average Length Of Membership

Members will remain loyal to well-managed facilities that have high standards of compliance, upkeep, cleanliness, and safety

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More Leads

Positive feedback online and word of mouth will increase leads to your facility

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Improve Member Lifetime Value

Positive Financial impact will be seen through well-managed facilities and amenities. Class attendance, ancillary club purchases, and revenue. Every time a member comes through the door is an opportunity to wow them

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Enjoy Higher Conversion Rate

Once your new members see the facility they will be impressed and sign up for membership

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Increase Average Class Attendance

With a well run aquatics facility and programs, your members will sign up and max out your class schedules

Stay Compliant While Reducing Costs

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Decrease Injury Incident Rate

Ensuring compliance and safety daily will result in better risk management and decreased incidents

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Decrease Repair And Maintenance Costs

Catch problems before they happen and become catastrophic impactful events that will save you money across many areas of your business

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Aquatics Operations Software

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Our Client Success

Learn how fitness club owners and managers have improved efficiency, cut
costs, and increased profit with VivoPoint

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After finally being able to reopen after the pandemic, we were working with a leaner staff than we were used to, while having to roll out a number of new health and safety protocols. Because of that, we were required to make some significant changes. One of the first areas we investigated was our pool and spa operations. We introduced VivoPoint Pro at one of our fitness centers and were amazed at its effectiveness in driving efficiency and it even revealed some minor issues that would have cost us big time if we hadn’t caught them early. So adopting VivoPoint Pro across all of our fitness centers was a no-brainer.
Chris S.

Facility Manager

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Increased Savings Across The Board

Reduce the amount of time and money you spend on pool maintenance


Savings In Labor Costs


Savings In Water Usage


Extended Equipment Life


Savings In Chemical Costs

No Matter What Kind Of Fitness Club You Have,VivoAquatics Has A Solution For You

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 Mitigate your risks (ADA, VGB, Health Dept.) and reduce your costs with a property risk assessment, Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Training, 7-Day Operator Support & Training, and Procurement Support.

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Reduce risks and improve productivity through real-time monitoring (water safety, water usage,  and more) with our IoT hardware platform (e.g., chemical controllers, and sensors).

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Source and buy the equipment & supplies you need to save money and keep your property operational. Our experts will save you time and money, whether for one property or a whole portfolio.

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Provide Members With A Valuable And Safe Aquatic Environment

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