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Join Municipalities, States, Cities, and Governments utilizing VivoPoint to ensure the safest water for your residents and increased operational performance

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Resident Satisfaction

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Better Appearance Of Municipality

Ensure crystal clear pools and amenities are available to your residents

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Increase Resident Engagement

When residents love where they live, they’re more likely to get involved!

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A Better Place To Live

Having well maintained amenities increases resident satisfaction and investment

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Reduced Number Of Town Hall Participants Complaints

Residents will no longer complain about the water quality or condition of their pools/spas

Enjoy Higher
Municipality Revenue

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Increase in Value of Commercial Property

Value of your investments will increase with well maintained aquatic venues.

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More Total Tourism Tax Dollars

Influx of tourism to your facilities will increase with positive reviews and availability of amenities.

Sustainability Made Easy

Save money and help the environment with VivoPoint.

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Decrease Chemical Usage

Ensure sustainability goals are being met with reduced costs and energy usage.

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Decrease Water Usage per Capita

With well maintained facilities, water usage can be decreased due to leaks and other unnecessary usage.

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Improve the Municipality’s Sustainability Footprint

You can save money and energy, as well as improve the reputation and brand of the municipality through sustainable practices.

More Successful
Recreational Activities

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Increase Recreation Center & Facility Attendance

Boost usage of your facilities by ensuring well maintained and inviting pool and spa facilities.

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Increase Percentage of Residents Satisfied with Parks

Residents will love your facilities and use them more often.

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Higher Total Park Attendance

Usage will increase with positive reviews and well maintained, safe facilities.

VivoPoint Helps You Better Manage Your Resources

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Improve Employee Performance

Teams are excited to use the platform as it allows them to operate in an efficient and proactive manner. The ability to allow for third party supplier interaction is also included

better pool management
Reduce Repair And Maintenance Costs

Catch negative impacts before they happen and become catastrophic impactful events that will save you money across many areas of your business

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Decrease Injury Incident Rate

Ensuring compliance and safety daily will result in better risk management and decreased incidents

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Our Client Success

See how we’ve helped municipalities improve their pools, spas, and water features to create better places to live and work!

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Health and safety are at the center of everything we do. A big portion of my day revolves around seeing problems that don’t exist yet and coming up with solutions for them. VivoPoint made it easy to do that… It's like it gave me psychic abilities. We’ve since adopted VivoPoint Pro across our massive portfolio of water attractions and we’ve been able to exceed government standards for compliance.
Steven J.

Director of Engineering

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 Mitigate your risks (ADA, VGB, Health Dept.) and reduce your costs with a property risk assessment, Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Training, 7-Day Operator Support & Training, and Procurement Support.

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Reduce risks and improve productivity through real-time monitoring (water safety, water usage,  and more) with our IoT hardware platform (e.g., chemical controllers, and sensors).

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