We are your partner

VivoAquatics was built by a team of entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to help properties protect their assets and guests through the combination of innovative technologies and aquatic expertise.

We believe that impact and change will only occur through the strength of partnerships. Facility operators, managers and owners. Hardware manufacturers and software companies. Design firms, construction companies and maintenance providers.  We value each member of our ecosystem.

Picure of resort swimming pool.

You can stop worrying.

Millions of guests across the country use pools and spas protected by VivoAquatics.

All day long we think about how to better protect these amenities from risks, and how to make managing them easier for their owners. That’s our mission. And we love helping our clients deliver problem-free pool and spa experiences for the guests that make their businesses run.

Our team

We are a team of operators, developers, marketers, and administrators.  Many grew up maintaining pools and water features for some of the most recognized properties in the world.  Others have built world class software platforms. And yet others bring their own unique experience in operations, design and logistics.  We work together, and yet remotely.  We take care of each other just as we take care of our clients.

  • Our Values We value relationships and the opportunity to give as we receive. We value inspiration and opportunity for growth. We value the truth and the integrity of our decisions. We value the diversity of people and thought.
  • Our Vision We have worked side by side with facility operators and owners to maintain compliance with government regulations, to conserve water and energy, and to create a safe and inviting guest experience while tightly managing costs. These facilities and their staff have inspired us to be THE standard in water quality management to create a meaningful impact for our partners and the world around us.