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Automating operations and ensuring compliance with local health safety guidelines have become even more critical in the success of your facility.

VivoAquatics connects your pools, spas, and water features to chemical automation and real-time monitoring to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your guests. All while saving money and improving sustainability. Whether you have one property or one thousand, are building a new facility, or just trying to be more efficient, we have a solution for your business.

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Products & Solutions

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Key Challenges

  • Cost management How to reduce or manage costs across properties.  How to find additional cost savings in engineering, maintenance, and back of house operations. Especially in organizations that have good front of house cost management.
  • Niche service How to manage the highly fragmented market of aquatics goods and service providers, especially across a national market.
  • Standards How to set and enforce standards across properties.  How to manage different sets of equipment and training across properties. How to manage increasing costs and better handle negotiated purchasing.
  • Innovation with cost efficiency How to help operations manage costs while also finding innovative partners to meet sustainability goals.


  • Automation Chemical automation to deliver consistent, measurable pool maintenance. Reduce staff time spent maintaining water features.
  • Real-time monitoring  Access your pool information anytime, anywhere. Get immediate alerts about issues before they become bigger problems. Water safety scoreboard to evaluate and benchmark all properties.
  • Real-time resolution  Seven-day access to pool and spa experts to solve problems when they occur (versus days later). Reduce costs of vendor visits and reduce the time your staff spends on reactive maintenance.
  • Centralized Data Electronic readings help you comply with local health department testing guidelines. Keep manual and electronic readings in one centralized place.
  • Analytics Understand costs and usage trends across all your properties.
  • Quarterly business reviews Get unprecedented insight into your needs, performance, and costs to provide your decision makers the best possible information
  • Customized product catalog Establish equipment standards and reduce purchasing costs through negotiated pricing.