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New Dosing Calculator Simplifies Manual Readings

Your pool is open, and you’re looking forward to watching your guests enjoy lazy days in the crystal clear water. But how do you make sure they can enjoy your pools and spas for the whole season? The answer is water testing. If you don’t test your water, you won’t know the chemical levels, or […]

What the chlorine shortage means for you

Is there a shortage of chlorine?  Yes, but the good news for commercial properties is that it is not the chlorine you want.  The headlines are non-stop. “A major chlorine shortage is set to spoil summertime fun in the swimming pool” ‘Poolmageddon’: Chlorine shortage could disrupt summertime fun Summer bummer: A chlorine shortage is looming […]

VivoPoint 2.0 Updates

We’ve rolled out some updates VivoPoint.   There will be a few things you will notice: It’s faster! We did some work behind the scenes and the new technology stack should provide much faster load times.   A new look and feel.  A lighter look with some minor changes to the navigation.  A few things have moved around […]

Announcing VivoPoint Essentials Package

It’s more than easier pool management – it’s peace of mind. VivoPoint Essentials Package After a very difficult year for most commercial pool and spa operators there is some light ahead!  We look forward to getting everyone back in the water for fun, fitness or any activity you desire! In this spirit, we are excited […]

Top FAQs and Checklists to Help You Manage Through COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is making for a constantly changing and challenging situation. To help, we’ve collected the top questions our clients have asked, along with some checklists and guidance. Stay up to date on the latest. Top FAQs Most frequent questions from our clients: Is VivoAquatics still open? Should I close my pool? Should I […]

VivoAquatics Announces State of Industry Study

VivoAquatics Announces State of Industry Study on Risks, Challenges and Trends in Managing Recreational Water at Resorts, Hotels and other Commercial Facilities. VivoAquatics, the leader in providing innovative and sustainable aquatic solutions, has just announced the publication of the first data driven assessment of water safety and management: “Recreational Water: State of the Industry”.  The […]

Caring for your pools & spas during COVID-19

We know the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is causing many of you to worry about your properties and businesses, and you are having to make fast decisions about how to respond. You may have questions about your pools and spas and other bodies of water. We want to provide you the best available information and advice […]