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Brand Standards & Best Practices

Why is it that leading hospitality organizations have brand standards on everything from the size of rooms to the specific fixtures (faucets, TV’s, lights, etc.) within those rooms? Of course to create a consistent guest experience, manage operating costs and simplify purchasing. And yet, why is it in every aquatic pump room, the equipment and processes vary widely from facility to facility? It is time for all organizations to build brand standards and best practices to accomplish the same benefits that other parts of the organization have already achieved.

VivoAquatic Audit

Our VivoAquatic Audit is designed to help facilities create a complete site profile. Included is a preventative health & safety inspection, water quality analysis, equipment evaluation, and energy saving estimates on available equipment. All problems found will be detailed in the inspection report along with a preventative maintenance plan and equipment list. We provide a detailed Aquatic Index Score to rate your facilities performance. These inspections will also be scheduled as a apart of your planned service agreement.


  • Permits
  • Records
  • Maintenance Plan


  • Pump Efficiency
  • Lighting Efficiency
  • Chemical Efficiency


  • Venting
  • Electrical
  • Drainage / Storage


  • Flow
  • Disinfection systems
  • Signage / Equipment


  • Drain Cover Replacement Schedule
  • EQ Lines


  • Free Chlorine / PH / Alkalinity
  • Metals / Phosphates
  • LSI

Brand Standards Design

Every facility has different requirements depending on a variety of factors. After we have determined your facilities current conditions we work with our clients to design a set of brand standards for all future equipment purchases and design an automated chemical dosing system along with a planned service agreement that is custom tailored to meet your facilities requirements. We have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry in order to provide the best equipment available. Standards will be customized for each brand to reflect choices that balance investment, guest satisfaction, and ease of operation.