Program Benefits

  • Keep water safe, balanced and algae free
  • Comply with mandated daily reporting requirements
  • Lease (no money down) or purchase options
  • Reduce operating costs and extend life expectancy of pool equipment and pool surface
  • Full analytics and reports, email alerts and remote monitoring
  • Options to sanitize water through cal hypo, liquid bleach, saline, UV or bromine
  • Become compliant with local health department codes


Web Based Management Portal

  • Easy access for all information you need
  • 24/7 monitoring of all chemical readings (e.g., chlorine, PH, etc.)
  • Email alarms and alerts for any conditions that require immediate attention
  • Access to customized reporting (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Equipment asset list and warranty information
  • Work order submittal and tracking


Managing through Insight

  • Benchmark performance over time again best practices
  • Monitor chemistry, water and energy usage
  • Make decisions based on actual data
  • Evaluate variances to determine root issues

Why VivoAquatics


A Trusted Provider

VivoAquatics works with leading clients from large hospitality groups (i.e., Starwood, Marriott) to multi-family apartment owners / managers to health clubs, HOAs, municipalities and more. Get peace of mind from a company that is trusted by the leading brands.


Bundled Convenience

Our chemical controller and remote monitoring services can be purchased alone, or bundled with pool maintenance, repairs and remodel services. Our goal is to save you time and money while providing your guests with the safest and most enjoyable water experience.


Innovation and Sustainability

We understand the requirements and costs to manage aquatic facilities and pools are growing. As a member of the US Green Building Council we build solutions that allow you to consume less water, energy and resources.