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Mission & Vision

VivoAquatics is the leading provider of innovative water management solutions to hotels, resorts and waterparks worldwide.  We help our clients protect their assets (i.e., guests, equipment, structures) and save money through the development of brand standards and best practices, the implementation of leading edge chemical automation equipment, and ongoing operational support & remote monitoring.

Our clients include leading resorts, waterparks, hotels and municipalities.


The VivoAquatic Balance Program will allow you to optimize your Aquatic facility performance and safety. Providing dependability, sustainability, energy efficiency and reduced liability. You will receive a value-driven solution that fits your specific goals, delivered with the attention of a professional service backed by the resources of a global organization.

  • Reduce Liability — Comprehensive site surveys and inspections to identify areas of risk and inefficiency within your aquatic facility.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency — Our fully automated chemical dosing systems with remote monitoring and support allow you to operate more efficiently with lower costs.
  • Regulate Safety & Improve the Guest Experience — Our Complete Online Pool Management System allows precise control of
water sanitation and safety around the clock, improving the guest experience.
  • Maintain Quality & Staff Proficiency — Onsite installation, dedicated service and staff training for full operational support.


Greater Operational Efficiencies

Managing costs is a challenge for most commercial pool and water-park operators. With so many variable factors affecting your bottom line, it can be difficult to assess, monitor and manage them all. At VivoAquatics, we specialize in innovative aquatic management. Our services and solutions are specially designed to give you greater control over your systems, equipment and staff for improved operational efficiency and ongoing cost-savings.

Water Savings

Chemical Usage

Chemical Savings

Equipment Life

Labor Reduction

Energy Savings

Identify Energy Savings Opportunities

Since the Aquatic features account for a major portion of a buildings energy usage, keeping your system performing at optimum levels may lead to a significant reduction in energy costs. We will in addition identify any areas of inefficiencies and provide energy cost savings estimates with proposals. Energy Savings on LED’s, Variable Speed Pumps, VFD’s, and other energy saving devices can save up to 70% in electricity plus available utility rebates.

Reduce Chemical and Energy Costs

By utilizing the latest PPM monitoring technology to maintain sanitizer levels we are able to save up to 10-15% in Chemical Consumption. With the addition of an ancillary chemicals including phosphates, enzymes, and scale inhibitors we are able to save up to an additional 10-15% in chemical consumption. Save an additional 6% in water consumption by reducing backwash cycles with the usage of Enzymes. Total expected savings up to 20-30% on chemical consumption. We also offer discounted bulk pricing on service chemicals that can save up to an additional 30% in chemical savings.

Extend Asset Life

Through proactive, factory-recommended maintenance, the life of your Aquatic assets may be extended, maximizing the return on your investment. Also with proper pH control, water balance and the addition of ancillary chemicals the useful life of circulating equipment and pool surfaces will be greatly improved. Up to 31% savings on Equipment Repair and Replacement

Ensure Productive Environments

Creating a productive environment where employees can focus on their core tasks will increase operational efficiency and allow better work flow. Whether we continue to train incoming staff on equipment operations or help to reduce labor costs we are here to ensure that our facilities are continually maintained at optimal levels. This automation allows you to redirect your valuable labor resources to more important tasks by reducing the amount of time required to test water samples, treat for algae, manfully adjust feeders, backwash filters, superchlorination, and changing filter media. Up to 44% savings in labor

Promote Aquatic Health and Safety

When proper chemical balance and plant requirements are maintained, business outcomes may be improved by minimizing RWI’s, customer complaints, safety hazards, and pool closure.

Third Party Validation

Daily monitoring of chemical levels is mandated by local heath departments. We offer another layer of oversight protection and third party validation through our weekly computerized water analysis software. We data log all results and provide monthly archives for a reduction in future liability by offering a reliable source of third party validation. *24/7 Remote system monitoring available for control systems.

Core Values

Personalized Account Management

Our goal is to provide you with the support of an entire team that knows your site and can closely work with you on budget planning and asset management. Your local VivoAquatics account management team can help guide planned replacement, energy retrofits, and other Aquatic improvement projects. You’ll have peace of mind that our entire team of skilled professionals will be looking out for what is best for your facility and budget.

A Culture of Safety

VivoAquatics technicians take safety seriously and personally, and integrate it into everything they do. All of our technicians participate in regular safety trainings. Our focus on reducing liabilities and increasing safety measures will ensure that you do not have to worry about us when we are on site.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Throughout the term of our relationshop, we will periodically survey you and use your feedback to continue to make improvements to our service processes and products. Our goal is to deliver the most consistent and comprehensive service experience possible. To meet this goal, we’ve developed and implemented standards and procedures to ensure you receive the ultimate service experience – every time.

Energy & Sustainability

A more sustainable world one aquatic facility at a time – VivoAquatics is a company that is determined to help reduce our energy footprint in the aquatics industry. Today, we are proving to be a leader in creating smart disinfecting environments, reducing energy consumption, and improving water efficiency. Our goal is to help create more comfortable and safer swimming environments with while saving water, energy, and waste.

The Value of Integrity

VivoAquatics is a solutions based company established to help provide resources, knowledge and expertise to our customers. Our integrity enables our customers to have confidence in our services and recommendations. We do what we say we will do and stand behind our commitments. Our good reputation builds trust and loyalty. We have been honorably mentioned in many publications for America’s fastest growing service companies. We are focused on creating raving fans one customer at a time.