Waterborne Illness and How to Prevent It


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Crypto Attack

It takes just one infected person to start a vicious cycle of attack. Crypto is passed through fecal matter in swimming pools.  Chlorine can not fully remove the contaminate thus other prevention and remediation methods must be present such as Ultraviolet treatment. VivoAquatics can help with a free phone consultation. Give us a call today to learn more about solutions to help with Waterborne Illness.


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Why Cryptosporidium is Responsible for Over 80% of Swimming Pool Illness Outbreaks, and What Can Be Done About It

The majority of swimming pool illness outbreaks in the US with symptoms ranging from diarrhea to death are caused by Cryptosporidium, a microscopic parasite.

Chlorine Resistance

“Unlike the other waterborne pathogens, Crypto is chlorine-resistant. This unique characteristic explains why it is the most common cause of illness in pool swimmers. Most waterborne pathogens are destroyed by chlorine, and many pools are adequately chlorinated to achieve that level of protection.”

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The Problem

Water maintenance is critical to your facilities success.

Pools, spas, and park features are key differentiators for today’s properties. Water that is cared for leads to:

  • Higher guest satisfaction
  • Improved occupancy
  • Increased revenues

Managing water comes with significant costs, management challenges and litigation risks. To make it more difficult, procedures, equipment, and regulations are constantly changing.






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