Go Green: Save Green. Make Green!

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Go Green: Save Green. Make Green!

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Smart properties are attracting new business and at the same time saving significantly on expenses by going green.

Solutions from VivoAquatics can save your facility money and help you to achieve your sustainability goals.

The need to create sustainable solutions is large and growing. Each year, it takes all the energy produced by 20 medium-sized power plants just to fuel America’s in-ground swimming pools!

Water scarcity is increasing on every continent. Around the world, demand for fresh water is exceeding population growth by a factor of two. And yet unnecessary backwashing and poor aquatic water management are costing the loss of millions of gallons of water and profits.

There is no one strategy that provides all the answers. That’s why we approach environmental responsibility by considering the full impact of our offerings, from development through disposal.

VivoAquatic’s focus is not just about reducing water and energy costs, but rather about doing the work necessary to understand how we can build solutions that provide our clients with sustainable longer term solutions.

  1. Reduce Energy Use: Energy-efficient equipment helps reduce pool operating costs and benefits the environment.
  2. Reduce Water Use: The average backwash uses between 250 to 1,000 gallons of water, without completely cleaning the filter. Clients have saved millions of gallons of water through the use of ancillary products.
  3. Reduce Chemical Use: VivoAquatics’ solutions include equipment and products that contribute to the reduced use and storage of harsh chemicals for pool maintenance and/or products that include no hazardous materials.

These solutions save energy, conserve water, reduce chemicals and otherwise contribute to a more environmentally responsible aquatic system.



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Dan Ruben, the Executive Director for Boston Green Tourism, put together a presentation titled, How Hotels Save Money and Attract Business by Going Green. Below are some key takeaways:

  • A growing number of RFP’s include questions about environmental practices. Don’t get eliminated due to your lack of green initiatives.
  • Trip Advisor recognizes green hotels boldly on their hotel
    search pages at http://green.tripadvisor.com/. AAA, Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz highlight green-certified hotels, too. Take advantage of this extra exposure, gratis!
  • Green weddings, meetings, and events are on the rise. Green facilities can often command a premium rate.
  • Some hotels have cut energy and water use by >40%. Westin Copley Place reduced its water bills by >50%. Check out some case studies to see how much we’ve been able to save for some of our clients.

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