Announcing VivoPoint

Today we are excited to launch VivoPoint, the aquatic industry’s first real time monitoring and chemical management solution.

VivoPoint is the result of over a year’s development of the software platform and testing with many of the leading resorts and waterparks.  Today VivoPoint is being used by industry leaders such as the Sheraton Waikiki, St. Regis Kauai, Marriott Waikoloa, Wet’n’Wild waterparks (in Las Vegas and Hawaii) and many more.  These clients recognize the value of automating and monitoring their recreational water management to improve swimmer safety, reduce costs and provide a better guest experience.

VivoPoint’s infrastructure includes 4G / Wifi access, a full chemical automation system, a complete alarm and notification management system, 24/7 remote monitoring and a series of secure network protocals to provide appropriate levels of data and user security.

VivoPoint Diagram #9

From a client’s point of view, VivoPoint provides overall management of a facilities water including:

  • Water chemistry monitoring;
  • Water usage monitoring;
  • Energy usage monitoring;
  • Equipment schedules, warranty information and maintenance lists;
  • Property profile information, team contact info, and full reporting.

We are excited to be working with our global set of brands and partners. Stay tuned for future developments as we work to more effectively manage water to create a more sustainable environment and a better guest experience.