Case Study – Pumps and VFD’s

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Controllers Helps Deliver Energy Savings with Sustainable Results at a Prominent Resort in Waikiki



A prominent Starwood resort in Waikiki Hawaii houses an award winning infinity pool that was featured in CNN’s article “America’s Most Amazing Hotel Pools.” This full service hotel, with 1,636 guest rooms and occupancy rates near 100% year-round, has a 140,000 gallon super pool and two 2,500 gallon spas to compliment the 80,000 gallon edge pool.

The resort’s main filtration circulation pumps were older three phase pumps, which met minimum turnover requirements, but were running 24/7 in order to keep up with the high bather loads. In addition, the resort found challenges related to water clarity and high equipment maintenance and replacement costs.

Looking for ways to increase water quality and operational efficiency, the Director of Engineering and Chief Engineer, who had previous experience with VivoAquatics, requested a facility audit that included an energy consumption evaluation. The results were significant!


VivoAquatics performed a complete audit of the resort, assessed the existing pool and spa equipment, and recommended higher efficiency pumps and VFD’s to address water clarity and operational challenges. The recommended VFD’s and pumps were a small investment, but would provide the following benefits:

  • Improved turnover rates, which helped reduce backwashing periods;
  • Automated controls to eliminate manual adjustment of pumps;
  • Higher efficiency pumps capable of supplying higher flow rates at peak occupancy;
  • VFD controls allow for proper adjustment to system hydraulics, and discharge valves adjust to allow for ideal flow conditions and reduced head pressure.

In addition to all of the benefits, VivoAquatics worked directly with the Department of Energy on a special incentive rebate program for the resort.

The project was implemented on time and per the requirements as set forth by the property. The Chief Engineer shared: “VivoAquatics has been a great partner in our efforts to become a more sustainable resort.  Reducing electrical costs and water usage is core to our operations.  This success is another reason by the property views VivoAquatics as a long-term strategic aquatics partner”.


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