The Importance of Chemical Automation

As we move forward into 2015, the safety of swimmers everywhere is once again top of mind. While swimming pools can be a source of great fun and joy, they have also become an area of significant liability. One of more recent challenges has been an increase in chemical related incidents leading to chemical burns and other effects. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that each year over 4,000 people end up in emergency room as a result of poor water chemistry.


The CDC and regulatory agencies recognize that the primary way to mitigate such health (and litigation) risks is by automating the dispensing of chlorine (and other chemicals) into the water. For instance, California has joined other states in amending its building code (Title 24) to now mandate that all controllers be “adjusted by an automatic chemical monitoring and control system that regulates, at a minimum, PH and disinfectant”.

vivo-300x300While many hotels have installed these controllers, unfortunately the vast majority of HOAs, apartment buildings, smaller hotels and aquatics facilities have not implemented such automation. It is not possible to keep your water balanced seven days a week when your pool company is on site only two to three days. Thus, these facilities not only face the legal challenges of not complying with government regulation and potential swimmer risk, but also they are also not taking advantage of the longer-term benefits (i.e., 24/7 balance of chemistry, longer life of equipment and plaster, lower chemical costs). The only disadvantage of a chemical automation system is cost. A very basic system can cost $2,000 per body of water, whereas a more robust system (with remote monitoring) can cost over $3,500 per body of water.

We encourage you to talk with your VivoPools’ representative about automation options. We offer a lease program where we install and maintain a system (full warranty) for no money down, and low monthly prices. We have installed many of these systems at smaller properties, HOAs, hospitality companies (Starwood, Marriott) and leading resorts like the Sheraton Waikiki and Westin Ka’anapali. We can share our experiences with you and help assess the right chemical automation solution for your property.